Little Fluffy Friends

Have you ever dreamed of having a rabbit? I've decided to buy a couple of them after looking at these photos. Aren't they marvelous? :D

Interesting info:


A healthy indoor pet Rabbit can live between 5 and 15 years. If a rabbit becomes bonded to its humans, the rabbit will often display affection by following, chasing, and eventually resting close beside their humans. In some home environments, they can develop an affinity with cats and even dogs. They can be caged indoors in a small area, but can also be trained to live as free-roaming pets, similar to cats and dogs, although they do like to chew and will chew anything including carpet and electric cords, which must be removed from the rabbit's reach, by running wires high along walls, or protecting with rugs, mats, carpets and furniture. As pet-rabbit medicine, diet, and living environment improves, the rabbit's life span increases.

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Jules комментирует...

I am the owner and photographer of the second bunny you have in your blog, the black rabbit with the Easter eggs.

My images taken from my flickr photo stream are not to be used without my permission, and need to be linked back to me .

Please contact me.

krishna kashyap av комментирует...

Great pictures..
They all look very pretty
and also interesting fact about their life span..
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Muhammad Pakri комментирует...

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